Your secret sauce for growth

Succeed in delivery with virtual kitchens

What’s a virtual kitchen?

Our kitchens were made to help you get the most out of delivery


You can launch a virtual kitchen in one month. No need to wait 12-18 months to build out a brick and mortar.

Focus on
the food

All you’ve got to do is cook - we handle the logistics and fulfillment to make sure your orders are delivered with more accuracy, in less time.

Build multiple concepts
out of one kitchen

Capture more online orders with multiple brands. Our most successful customers are often running 5 brands out of a single kitchen.

with low risk

Virtual kitchens are a low cost, low risk way to experiment with menu items, cuisine types, or even new markets.

Streamline orders
on one tablet

Manage all your delivery orders from a single tablet and leverage the data to increase your efficiency.

Grow your
profit margins

Cut costs on front-of-house labor, wasted food, and expensive real estate, while maximizing your delivery revenue.

Traditional restaurant vs. CloudKitchens

How we compare on time, cost, and risk

Facebook traditional restaurant delivery-only restaurant 2,000 sq ft real estate cost
at expensive address
As few as 3-5 employees - We supply order runners, order handoff staff, and more 30 employees - many
dedicated to front-of-house
200-300 sq ft real estate cost in same area
but at low cost, low traffic address
1 location in 3 weeks
20-30 locations in 1 year
1 location in 12 months
10 locations in 5-10 years
Breakeven in 5 years
(10% profit on 1M run rate)
Breakeven in 6 months
(10% profit on 1M run rate)
Brick-and-mortar CloudKitchens

Why optimize for delivery?

Capitalize on a market opportunity that’s only growing

Facebook 2016 $30B $60B $210B $490B Non QSR Off Premise Off Premise Restaurant Delivery Restaurant Delivery $490B 2025 Restaurant Industry

Take full advantage of the
on-demand food economy

Maximize your ROI on delivery and reach new customers where they already are

What our partners have to say

"My business has exploded! We started from zero in May and we ramped up super fast. Now my mind is on how to grow this thing to more and more units."

Fuku Sushi

"No two days are the same. You want to concentrate on the quality of your food and the happiness of your employees, but that gets obscured by financing, construction, permitting, maintenance, technology issues. These are all alleviated by CloudKitchens."


“CloudKitchens is my team, it feels more like a partnership. I have professional guidance at all times. The location of the kitchens are great with a lot of order opportunity, they have helped us reach new areas and I’m excited to venture into even more new areas with them in the future”

El Indio Mexicano

"Just the software alone, having everything in one place, was really really helpful. One feature I love is the support. At the last minute if I didn't have a chance to finish something, I can click that support button and send it off. I definitely plan to utilize CloudKitchens for all my locations."

Build a Pizza

"With CloudKitchens, you're able to expand into different markets without having to build out a brick and mortar. This is going to be the future."

Craft Burger

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