Ghost kitchens

Grow your restaurant business with lower risk and higher return

Build a food concept without losing your shirt

CloudKitchens is your secret weapon for expansion

Open a ghost kitchen in
one month

Test multiple food concepts
out of one kitchen

Experiment with
low risk

Minimize cost,
maximize profit

You cook, we’ll do the rest

Our ghost kitchens come with all the pieces of the operations puzzle, so you can focus on the food

Real estate

Commercial kitchens and storage space, designed
to help you run your delivery business with
maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

Logistics and fulfillment

Your orders are delivered faster and more accurately,
thanks to our on-site fulfillment team that
handles all of the logistics for you.

Proprietary technology

Manage all your delivery orders from one tablet,
and leverage the data to plan your supply chain
and labor needs based on demand.

Facility management

We’ll take care of the cleaning,
maintenance, and security - so you can
focus on the food.

We serve those who serve others


National Chains

Established restaurants and franchises looking to expand and test their concept in new markets



Local Restaurants

Restaurant operators looking to grow their revenue and optimize for delivery



Food Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking for a fast and inexpensive way to test their concepts and build their brand



Food Trucks

Food truck owners looking to expand into delivery or use our kitchens as commissary space


Case Study: Craft Burger

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What our customers have to say:

"My business has exploded! We’re doing upwards of $90-100K per month within 6 months. We started from zero in May and we ramped up super fast."

Fuku Sushi

"No two days are the same. You want to concentrate on the quality of your food and the happiness of your employees, but that gets obscured by financing, construction, permitting, maintenance, technology issues. These are all alleviated by CloudKitchens."


“CloudKitchens is my team, it feels more like a partnership. I have professional guidance at all times. The location of the kitchens are great with a lot of order opportunity, they have helped us reach new areas and I’m excited to venture into even more new areas with them in the future”

El Indio Mexicano

"Just the software alone, having everything in one place, was really really helpful. One feature I love is the support. At the last minute if I didn't have a chance to finish something, I can click that support button and send it off. I definitely plan to utilize CloudKitchens for all my locations."

Build a Pizza

"With CloudKitchens, you're able to expand into different markets without having to build out a brick and mortar. This is going to be the future."

Craft Burger

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