The food delivery market is worth over $35 billion per year in the US, and that figure keeps growing.

The vast majority of food delivery currently takes place in traditional brick and mortar restaurants, but these locations are not optimized for delivery. Today, online delivery is a high priced luxury product with a very poor experience.

The Dilemma

Restaurants are not built for the delivery experience

Everything about the restaurant experience is designed for walk-ins and reservations. And while delivery is an increasing percentage of the business, many operators are forced to trade-off the dine-in experience with a booming delivery business.

CloudKitchens® is reimagining an old model, expanding the brand and business without any compromises.

Workflow Inefficiency

Managing multiple tablets, manually entering orders into your POS, while constantly optimizing your front of house workflow accounts for lost revenue and an inefficient workforce.

Poor Reporting

More channels requires constant consolidation of reports from multiple platforms. Which creates reconciling and an auditing nightmare.

Decreasing Brand Value

Kitchens are built to support table capacity, forcing food operators to compromise on both the dine-in and delivery experience.

Staying ahead of
the trend

Better, faster, cheaper with

Lower Operational Cost

Dramatically reduce your real estate and labor costs for higher margins per location. For delivery, all you need is a small kitchen and a handful of staff.

Lower Upfront Costs

Rather than the +$1 million upfront to build out a brick and mortar restaurant, get started in a CloudKitchen® with a small deposit plus the cost of your specialized equipment.

Faster Expansion

With faster permitting time and kitchens ready to go, launch in just a few weeks.

Experiment Often

Experiment and launch new brands and menus easily with low risk, low cost and more profit.

Optimized Delivery

We help you to seamlessly fulfill orders from all major online food ordering platforms, delivering a better experience for both staff and customers.